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Flatten-sheet-metal-solidworks-drawing, solidworks sheet metal drawing tutorial | bend line, flat pattern, unfolded, bend table, punch table. this tutorial show how to create production drawing for sheet metal part in solidworks, step .... Flattening sheet metal bends. you can flatten the bends in a sheet metal part in the following ways: to flatten the entire part, if the flat-pattern1 feature is present, unsuppress flat-pattern1, or click flatten on the sheet metal toolbar. the bend lines are shown by default when you unsuppress flat-pattern1., drawings of sheet metal parts. when you create a drawing of your sheet metal part, a flat pattern is automatically created. drawings of sheet metal parts can also contain views of the bent sheet metal part. you can create *.dxf files of sheet metal flat patterns without creating a drawing..

Short demo on dimensioning a flat sheet metal part while holding as many of the dimensioning rules as we can in the process. please note this video as well as all of my demonstration videos are ..., when the flat pattern drawing view of a solidworks sheet metal part displays the part in the bent condition, this can indicate an issue with the suppression state of the flat-pattern feature. as shown in the figure below the flat pattern view is the same as the front view and shows the part in a bent state.