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Flatten-sheet-metal-solidworks, to flatten a body, do one: in the featuremanager design tree, select the part and click flatten (sheet metal toolbar).; in the cut list, right-click the body and click flatten.; in either the featuremanager design tree or the cut list, right-click the flat-pattern feature for the part and click unsuppress.; to return the part to its bent state:. Flattening sheet metal bends. you can flatten the bends in a sheet metal part in the following ways: to flatten the entire part, if the flat-pattern1 feature is present, unsuppress flat-pattern1, or click flatten on the sheet metal toolbar. the bend lines are shown by default when you unsuppress flat-pattern1., hi there. i'm trying to design a pulse jet engine and i'm not understanding how to use solidworks to generate the sheet metal template. i've been.

My name is jan-willem zuyderduyn and i am living in the netherlands. i am a lead product designer and founder of learnsolidworks is the place to find step-by-step solidworks ebooks, videos & online tutorials to become a solidworks pro., hi grace, yes, dennis is right. flatten surfaces is only available in solidworks premium. with regards to why you can see the feature even though you cannot use it: from the very beginning there is the user paradigm in solidworks that features that cannot be applied because of any missing prerequisites are displayed in the feature list but are grayed out. quick example would be to open a new ....

How to flatten this part into sheet metal in solidworks? mihkel. 16 dec, 2011 07:37 pm i need to make a flat path from this curved shape. can anyone give a helping hand? how-to-flatten-.jpg how-to-flatten-it.stl. 6 answers robert stein. answered on 16 dec, 2011 08:28 pm, how to flatten a “dumb” solid in solidworks. article by vicky guignard created/updated april 11, 2016. it is very common in the sheet metal industry to share or receive files from other cad platforms. therefore, it is sometimes necessary to recreate the part in order to get everything that we need out of it..

Trying to apply the old solidworks 2012 workflows for changing sheet metal settings might result in wrong flat patterns. that is why it is extremely important to watch this video all the way to the end. note: solidworks is aware of this issue and will provide a fix in solidworks 2013 sp3.0.