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Church-security-training-courses, church security training course contact us for more information on scheduling and cost. event security fundamentals learn the fundamentals of access control, screening, video surveillance and awareness training as well as how to apply these concepts with convergence to develop an effective physical protection system.. Church security training courses. the guardian program of ground operations development uses the same instructors that our tactical division utilizes. we have handpicked the best of the best instructors in the nation to train your security team. protecting your congregation and staff comes with great liability., sheepdog church security serves the church by providing training materials to part-time church safety / security directors. we give you the tools you need to provide reputable and realistic training to your church safety team members without spending hours researching and developing courses from scratch..

Our 18 page firearms training resource guide provides valuable tools and is a must have companion for security directors and churches operating armed security you can reduce your liability and increase your readiness and proficiency with a standardized firearms training and qualification course., church security team training courses we like to think of our places of worship as being safe and free of criminal activity. generally speaking, they are but we still see plenty of both non-violent and violent crimes on religious properties. in fact, violent crime has been on the rise on faith-based properties and events in recent.

Free church security training videos equip your church volunteers with active shooter training and awareness introduction to safety & security training (course 1) we’ve partnered with red team safety and security to produce this training course for church leaders and volunteers. learn about our unique approach to security training and red team security’s background as…, online training: church security might not seem like a pressing problem, but it should be at the forefront of your mind. between the start of 1999 and august 2017, there were over 1,600 incidents involving deadly force within america’s churches. those incidents cost 759 people their lives..

8 tips to tighten church security 1. have a church security plan. planning is one of the most important first steps you can take to tighten church security. this involves writing a plan that answers the question “what should we do if…..” any given situation., the church security and safety training course is designed to assist a church with developing and training a security team to prevent or mitigate unsafe conditions. we identify and discuss specific threats churches may encounter..

This is a listing of our church security training courses for 2018 with open enrollment. we offer private on-site training courses as well. 2020 church security training schedule the 2020 annual conference on may 1st & 2nd will be rescheduled for later in the year due to covid 19.